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  • Author: Anton Trufev
  • ISBN: 978-619-7173-14-7
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Anton Trufev is a journalist, first in the trade newspaper "Zname", then in "Borba" - Veliko Tarnovo. As he himself says, doing art is in his blood.

He wrote poems from a young age and did not give up poetry until the end of his life. That's what he called the cultural product he created, because he didn't have the self-confidence to call himself a poet. Poetry that only touches on true poetry - that's what he thought about his works. But he was wrong, and now, having read his fables, I believe you will agree - these works of Anton Truffev correspond to the good examples, ours and the world, and some of them are real masterpieces, read with ease and pleasure - "Vidyala the frog", "An old tale in a new voice", "Squirrel and the lion", "A collusive group", "From a thorn, that on a hawthorn /but higher/", "Three lessons", "The tale of the pot", "Sparrow song", "Stone and Drop". In the current edition "Raven raven's eye does not take out", Anton Truffev engages us with popular themes from other fables - "Sick and healthy bears", "Woodcutter and bear", "Kose Bose and the fox", "The fox and the grapes". However, he does not stop there. Most of his fables are based on their own themes - "Blind Love", "Ram and Sheep", "Sparrow and Crows", "Ode to King Benfik", "Carp and Pike", "Eagle and Bee", "Raven ravenu" eye does not go out", "True story". Here is "An Old Tale in a New Voice" about the characteristic treachery of the fox who wanted to deprive the old man of the fish he had caught. That's how it is in the old fairy tale, but Anton Truffev turns the story upside down and in the end Kuma Lisa is left with a finger in her mouth, and the grandfather pleased the grandmother with a fish, and the granddaughter with a new coat. In the fable "Cunning Peter and the Cow", our well-known folk art clever man is outwitted by those whom he himself previously played tricks on. As a true fable writer, Anton Truffev does not miss the topical topics about politicians - "Marko the President", "The Chameleon-Politician", about the modern conjuncture and mores - "The Sorrow of the Rich Man", "Ode to the Banquet", "We from Bulgaria ", "Once you have your man", "Misha's country", "The wedding buffalo". Masterfully sculpting the grotesque as an aesthetic, presents a whole palette of characters in fables: not only animals, but also people, even plants, trees - "Stone and drop", Coal and thistle", "Pumpkins and gourds", "Birch and sycamore", "Mushrooms and blondes", "A meeting with adversity". Anton Truffev with exceptional insight and talent presents us with famous fables by famous fable writers - Aesop, Lafontaine, Lessing, Krylov. An important place is occupied by works related to the poet, publicist, fable writer Petko R. Slaveikov. With ease, the author retells "Goat and Wolf", "Wax and Brick", "Braggart Fly", "Horse and Bull", "Goat, Kid and Wolf", "Crow and Buzzard", "The Most Beautiful Bird", " The Old Stork”. However, he avoids the archaic style of the Renaissance fable writer, naturally to make the fables easier to understand by modern readers. And in them we witness the "fearlessness" of the goat, the boasting of the fly, which without hesitation eats the fruits of other people's labor. We rejoice in the boisterous horse that allows itself to be ridden by a little boy in spite of the taunts of the scowling bull, at the cunning kid that does not let the wolf into its home when its mother is not there. And more familiar topics - about the buzzard, the crow and the siskin, about the most beautiful bird, of course - your own, about the old stork, who stays here in the winter so as not to be a burden to his fellows from the flock that flew to warmer countries. When you read the fables of Anton Truffev, you will probably agree that it is a real pleasure to immerse yourself in the creative amalgam of an author who has invested in them a lot of revelations and spirit. If he had not left this world, he probably had something else to surprise us with to engage our attention. Now I hope that his fables will sound in an excellent way together with the wonderful illustrations of Prof. Spartak Pascalevsky, will enrich the libraries and will be read with pleasure by the wide readership.

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Annual Competitions

"/Un/solved case"

The National Crime Writing Contest, under the general title of "/The/ Unsolved Case," will launch in 2021. The contest is held over a one- or two-month period, traditionally during the fall season of a given calendar year.

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Summer campaign "Come to the library"

The Summer Campaign "Come to the Library" is an initiative, conceptually designed to provoke the students from I to XII grade from Veliko Tarnovo, who are readers of RL "Petko R. Slaveykov" to read more and more books during the summer holidays.

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"My hometown"

With the longest and most successful implementation is the annual competition "My hometown". Its first edition was in 2000 and has since become a favorite and recognizable for the participants from the city and the region.

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Foyer of the book with an autograph

Regional Library "Petko R. Slaveykov" - Veliko Tarnovo over the last ten years has established an extremely prestigious cultural event, which is the "Foyer of the book with an autograph". The philosophy of this forum is related to the promotion of Bulgarian printed book production not only in the region, but also nationally.

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Latest News

Ролята на библиотекаря в дигиталната ера (чрез опита на Народна библиотека „Петко Р. Славейков“ - Велико Търново, в реализирането на проекти с европейско финансиране)

Статия на доц. д-р Калина Иванова в сп. Везни за проектната дейност на библиотеката 

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Luizina Savkova - Head of Regional Activities Department at the Ministry of Culture passed away

We are deeply saddened to announce that Luizina Savkova, Head of Regional Activities at the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Programmes and Regional Activities of the Ministry of Culture, has left us.

She is an incredible creative personality, a great professional, dedicated to her work, a cultural worker with outstanding services to Bulgarian literature and culture.

Ms Savkova joined the Ministry of Culture in 2004 and since then she has worked her way up the career ladder in the institution - through the expert positions to the Head of the Regional Activities Department in the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Programmes and Regional Activities.

Colleagues in the Ministry say that she filled each of the positions she held with her unique personality and always sought to add something extra to every situation, no matter how complex. Colleagues at the National Library of St. Cyril and Methodius", from the regional and municipal libraries in the country, from the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, from the community centers, as well as many other organizations, partnered with Mrs. Savkova on various cases and thanks to the good cooperation with her our common cause of promoting the Bulgarian book enjoyed many successes.

National Award "Hristo G. Danov Award for contribution to Bulgarian literary culture, the National Children's Book Festival organized by the Regional Library "Sava Dobroplodni", the programs "The Return of the Book" and "Bulgarian Libraries - Contemporary Centers for Reading and Awareness" - these are only a very small part of the important initiatives for the Ministry of Culture, in which Luizina put all her heart and soul.

The Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov and the team of the Ministry of Culture express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Luizina Savkova! Her friendship, responsiveness and collegiality will not be forgotten, because she "wrote" the novel of her life with great wisdom and dignity.
A deep bow!

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