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  • Job-hunting with the help of librarians

In 2015 and 2016, the P. R. Slaveykov" - Veliko Tarnovo will implement training activities for library professionals and citizens under the Erasmus + Programme through the project "LinkInJob-job hunting with the help of Librarians".

The project is in partnership with 6 other public and university libraries from Austria, Ireland, Latvia, Romania, Slovenia and Finland. To the library in. The Ljubljana Metropolitan Library (Mestna knjiznica Ljubljana), Slovenia is the project coordinator.

"LinkINjob: job search with the help of librarians is a project that supports the Europe 2020 strategy, strengthening knowledge and innovation as a driver for future growth. One of the objectives of the 2020 strategy is to raise the employment rate of the population aged 20-64, which is currently 69%, to at least 75%, to increase the participation of women and older workers and to facilitate more effective integration of migrants into the workforce.

This project directly addresses one of the key objectives of the Education and Training 2020 Strategy. In February 2014, there were around 25 920 million unemployed people in Europe and the unemployment rate was 11.9%. It is essential for the unemployed to be informed that they can gain new knowledge and develop their social and civic skills as a means to prevent social exclusion. Unemployed people face many problems when looking for work, for example lack of information literacy and skills to identify their own personal strengths and weaknesses and interests. Modern public libraries are local centres for education, culture, information and at the same time work as social meeting points. Libraries have become an important link and point of cooperation between vocational education and training and the labour market.

The target group of the project - the unemployed will be informed about the opportunities for lifelong learning: non-formal education and non-formal training. Through education and training, all citizens should be enabled to benefit from quality education and to acquire and renew throughout their lives the knowledge, skills and competences needed for employment, social inclusion, active citizenship and personal fulfilment.

P. R. Slaveykov" has developed the project website (visit, which in 2015 will provide information for citizens from all partner countries about upcoming trainings and events organized by the project.

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Smart predi rojdestvo

Death before Christmas

  • Author: Svetla Andreeva
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Faber
  • ISBN: 978-619-001686
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: soft
  • Pages: 94

"The stories in Svetla Andreeva's new book are similar and united by the interrogator Dragolyub Mihailov.

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Never ending time

  • Author: Petar Stoyanovich
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Knigomania
  • ISBN: 9786191953691
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: hard
  • Pages: 392

"Never ending time" by Petar Stoyanovich are memories without the burden of memory.

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To catch the forest

  • Author: Galya Shcherbeva
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Елпи-02
  • ISBN: 9786199003626
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: soft
  • Pages: 176

30 of the most inspiring stories and travel ideas from the show "To Catch the Forest"

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Stories from hand luggage

  • Author: Georgi Milkov
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Книгомания
  • ISBN: 9786191953493
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: soft
  • Pages: 520

In "Stories from the Hand Luggage" Georgi Milkov describes encounters, places and events that made him become a diligent collector of experiences.

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What is sacrifice? To die on the battlefield in the name of the fatherland or to save the life of a child?

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Annual Competitions

"/Un/solved case"

The National Crime Writing Contest, under the general title of "/The/ Unsolved Case," will launch in 2021. The contest is held over a one- or two-month period, traditionally during the fall season of a given calendar year.

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Summer campaign "Come to the library"

The Summer Campaign "Come to the Library" is an initiative, conceptually designed to provoke the students from I to XII grade from Veliko Tarnovo, who are readers of RL "Petko R. Slaveykov" to read more and more books during the summer holidays.

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"My hometown"

With the longest and most successful implementation is the annual competition "My hometown". Its first edition was in 2000 and has since become a favorite and recognizable for the participants from the city and the region.

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Foyer of the book with an autograph

Regional Library "Petko R. Slaveykov" - Veliko Tarnovo over the last ten years has established an extremely prestigious cultural event, which is the "Foyer of the book with an autograph". The philosophy of this forum is related to the promotion of Bulgarian printed book production not only in the region, but also nationally.

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Latest News

Дарение от Полския институт в София

На 06 юни директорът на Полския институт в София г-н Карол Желински посети Народна библиотека "Петко Р. Славейков" във Велико Търново

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Visit to the colleagues in RL "Nikola Furnadzhiev", Pazardzhik

The team of RL "P. R. Slaveykov" was on an exchange of experience in RL "Nikola Furnadzhiev", Pazardzhik.

We got acquainted with the structure of the library and exchanged experience by department with colleagues from the Pazardzhik Regional Library. The director of the library Lachezar Rikov presented the development of the library over the years and presented a picture of their library building to the Art Department fund. All colleagues left with a gift of a pencil with a thought related to the book and reading.

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