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Фоайе на книгата

The ninth edition of the anticipated book fair has a different look than previous ones, this is due to the fact that the focus is on meetings and events with artists, and publishers will promote their new titles at a booth on the day or week the author is visiting.

There will also be a couple of permanent stands - that of St. John's University Press. St. Cyril and Methodius", the publishing house of the NBU, the publishing house "Ivis", the publishing house "Prosveta".

One of the largest and most established publishing houses with more than a quarter of a century of history - "Zakhary Stoyanov" - arrives on April 4. Mr. Ivan Granitsky - founder and owner of the publishing house, will present the rich palette of series dedicated to the works of Bulgarian and world classics, philosophical and historical thought, encyclopedic reference books, masterpieces of Bulgarian and world literature for children and adolescents, included in the publishing portfolio of "Zahari Stoyanov".

Along with Mr. Granitski will take part Mr. Stoyan Raichevski - public figure, historian, ethnographer and author in one of the most sought-after series of the publishing house "Duty and Honor". His researches are about the personality of the statesman Alexander Malinov, about General Stefan Toshev - the hero of the wars for the unification of the Bulgarians and the liberation of Dobrudja, about the famous General Georgi Vazov - the descendant of an old Bulgarian family, about Boris Sarafov - the revolutionary who dedicated his whole life to the struggle of the Bulgarians in Macedonia and Adrianople and his latest book, in this special series, about the life and patriotic work of the Miladinov brothers.

On April 8, we will be pleased to welcome Mrs. Martina Vachkova and Assoc. Yuri Dachev. They will present the new edition of Grigor Vachkov's memoirs "Messenger of Men's Times", this time printed thanks to the goodwill of Mr. Neyko Genchev and Mr. Vladimir Zhitnenski, of course with the logo of Faber Publishing House. The fans who will attend the meeting will also be able to see the film "Lazar and Grigor" from the documentary series "BNT presents" to relive the most memorable roles and moments from the life of the beloved actor - the scriptwriter and director is Yuri Dachev.

We are looking forward to meeting the journalist and writer Kalin Todorov. He has covered significant political events - the death of writer Georgi Markov, the assassination of Pope John Paul II, the fall of the Berlin Wall and the "gentle revolutions" in Bulgaria and Romania.

And at the stand of the publishing house "East-West", which publishes his journalistic books. It is the most influential contemporary representative of the realist school of geopolitics. According to him, the most important thing for a strong state is not ideology, but security, and it does everything possible - in an inherently anarchic international system - to acquire as much political, economic and military power as possible, regardless of the form of government - democracy or autocracy.

Here you can find and read "Technofeudalism" by Yanis Varoufakis, according to whom new technologies are completely redefining the power structures in society, "Convergent Economics" by prof. Garabet Minasyan or you can read the book about Apostol Karamitev's personality "The Knight of the Good" with authors Olga Markova-art historian and Momchil Karamitev, which appeared on the book market at the end of last year on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the great Bulgarian actor's birth.

On April 11 we present prof. Petar Stoyanovich with his memoir book "Unending Time", published by Bookmania. As the publishers announce - this is a memoir without the burden of memory. A reckoning without a sad denouement. A rare opportunity to peek behind the civic mask of a young man from late socialism, all the way beyond the changes of 1989. No pretensions to comprehensiveness on the part of the author, who leads us through the recesses of his interesting ancestral memory.

We do not omit to include the professor's academic research - the scientific and historical work "Ferdinandeum", describing in detail the first 25 years of the reign of King Ferdinand, published by Faber. The time is 18.00.

Before that, however, prof. Stoyanovich will have a pleasant meeting with the students from the "Dr. Vasil Beron" High School, sharing culinary tips and recipes from the collection "Grandma's and her cursed grandson's kitchen".

From the new titles of the publishing house "Hermes " - our partner from the previous editions of the book fair and also a big donor of the library - in the face of the owner Mr. Stoyo Vartolomeev, this year we present Mr. Tsanko Lalev with his debut novel "The House of the Bees".

Mr. Lalev is I guess very well known to the general public, I think every home has at least one of his authored or adapted children's books with tales or legends from the Bulgarian or world treasury. He is a partner in the largest publisher of fiction to help the student, PAN Publishing. The students of the American College "Arkus" and the upper school of "Emilian Stanev" will have the pleasure to meet him and hear the story behind the novel "The House of the Bees".

On the eve of the World Book and Copyright Day - April 23, the writer and editor-in-chief of the publishing house "Ciela" Zahari Karabashliev will give the premiere of his new novel "Rana".

"Rana" is a novel about courage, compassion, love and salvation against the backdrop of the evil that engulfed Europe at the beginning of the last century. It unfolds some of the most unfamiliar pages of Bulgarian history, captivating with a tense yet lyrical narrative that reminds us how unchanging the human soul remains, no matter what language we speak or which side of the trenches we are on.

At the stand of Siela Publishing House one can see titles from almost all thematic areas - the new edition of the "Constitution of the Republic of Bulgaria" with the amendments of December 2023, Robert Green's new book "Laws for Every Day", which includes 366 laws for every day, revealing different aspects of our lives, the new novel by the writer Miroslav Penkov, who lives and works outside Bulgaria and became popular with the short story collection "East of the West", the new book "Reverse Thoughts" by one of the most provocative, scandalous and funny Bulgarian vloggers Emil Conrad, the book by deputy director of the Bulgarian government. Editor-in-Chief and founder of the biggest Bulgarian group for readers on Facebook - "What are you reading...", also the biggest blog for books "Booklandia" Hristo Blazev - "100 books you should read" and of course last but not least you can find the authoritative biography of Oppenheimer by Kay Bird and Martin Sherwin - which inspired director Christopher Nolan to make the film about the brilliant scientist.

Journalists Galya Shcherbeva and her guidebook "To Catch the Forest", which contains 30 inspiring stories about the unexpected path home and new beginnings, Georgi Milkov and his "Stories from the Hand Luggage" and of course meeting the producer and director Magardich Halvadzhian with the premiere of his autobiographical book "No Ads", are also waiting for their fans in the "Foyer of Books".

In addition to popular and recognizable authors such as Zdravka Evtimova, Boyka Asiova, Boyan Chukov and others, the idea of the team is to give a platform to young, not so well-known or forgotten for the Turnov public artists - I have in mind Dobrina Simova - journalist, poet and writer, SpasiMir Trenchev, Kostadina Kostova - the young author of the publishing house SoftPress, who is yet to be talked about, Dr. Gina Dundova-Pancheva - a pediatrician and poet, whose poems for songs are chosen by our famous pop singers - she will partner with Mr. Stefan Diomov. They are visiting us thanks to the good partnership with the "Signs" Publishing House - town. Burgas, in the person of Mrs. Rumyana Emanuilidou, and last but not least we present the poet and publicist Kancho Velikov from Burgas. Pavlikeni.

And finally, although the spotlight this year will be on meeting authors and their new books, the equation for the library is over 400 new titles that will enter the funds - through purchase and as a donation from publishers and institutes participating in the exhibition. The new titles coming in are also selected according to readers' demands and interests.

Through the events included in the "Autographed Book Lobby" initiative, the Regional Library joins the 13th national campaign "The March of the Books", organized annually by the Bulgarian Book Association and the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, in fulfillment of the objectives - to promote literacy and reading, to popularize the Bulgarian book and to strengthen the role of libraries as centers of spirituality.

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  • Publisher: Faber
  • ISBN: 978-619-001686
  • Year of publication: 2023
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  • Pages: 94

"The stories in Svetla Andreeva's new book are similar and united by the interrogator Dragolyub Mihailov.

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  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Knigomania
  • ISBN: 9786191953691
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: hard
  • Pages: 392

"Never ending time" by Petar Stoyanovich are memories without the burden of memory.

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To catch the forest

  • Author: Galya Shcherbeva
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Елпи-02
  • ISBN: 9786199003626
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: soft
  • Pages: 176

30 of the most inspiring stories and travel ideas from the show "To Catch the Forest"

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Stories from hand luggage

  • Author: Georgi Milkov
  • Language: bulgarian
  • Publisher: Книгомания
  • ISBN: 9786191953493
  • Year of publication: 2023
  • Cover: soft
  • Pages: 520

In "Stories from the Hand Luggage" Georgi Milkov describes encounters, places and events that made him become a diligent collector of experiences.

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What is sacrifice? To die on the battlefield in the name of the fatherland or to save the life of a child?

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