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145 years ago 9/22 March 1879 was celebrated for the first time as the Day of Veliko Tarnovo and the holiday of the Tarnovo Garrison. The holiday was restored on March 22, 1984.

The citizens of Old Town were the first in Bulgaria to adopt a day of the year as their holiday, a day on which everyone lives with the greatness and glory of their hometown in mind. In the literary magazine Pravda of 1879, written by Nediu Zhekov, the first information about the celebration of March 22 as the holiday of Veliko Tarnovo can be found. The article "A spiritual celebration" describes the great celebration of the citizens of Veliko Tarnovo in the church of St. Forty Martyrs", held on 9 March (old style). The Divine Liturgy was attended by the Imperial Commissar Prince Dondukov-Korsakov, the army, senior officials and clergy, deputies from the Constituent Assembly held in the city at that time and many citizens. For the first time after five centuries of slavery, not only the people of Turnov, but also the entire national representation, paid tribute to our past. From then until 1944, the Day of the Holy Forty Martyrs was celebrated annually as the Day of Tarnovo and the holiday of the Tarnovo garrison.veliko tarnovo cards

Over the years, each celebration usually began at 9 a.m. with a solemn parade of the units of the Tarnovo Garrison, led by military brass music. The parade was eagerly attended by the schoolchildren and traditionally the portraits of the Tarnovo benefactors were carried in the front columns. These are the donors of Turnovo who gave funds for the construction of schools, libraries, community centers, hospitals, churches, who contributed to the spiritual development of the old capital. The mayor of the city congratulated the warriors of the Tarnovo garrison and the entire citizenry on the holiday. The assembled crowd headed to the monument of the participants in the Velcho Zavara. Famous Tarnovo cultural figures told stories about the great deed of the benefactors. Poems were recited and songs dedicated to the great city of Tarnovo were sung.

In the Municipal newspaper "Veliko Tarnovo" of March 20, 1934 we read. From all over Bulgaria should flock here, to revive the past in their souls and in front of the columns of Omurtagh and John Asen, and at the tombs of the Bulgarian kings to feel that the old lives its spiritual life, that Bulgaria has its thousand-year history. Let us make this holiday a day of the Bulgarian spirit."

After 1944, the holiday was not celebrated as Veliko Tarnovo Day. For its restoration have to be credited the wakeful inhabitants of the district "Asenov", who in 1970 celebrated it in the church "St. Forty Martyrs. In 1984, their idea was supported by the Veliko Tarnovo community, which to this day inherits the tradition of this day being dedicated solely to the unique Veliko Tarnovo.

Sources used:

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Municipal newspaper Veliko Tarnovo, № 24, 20 March 1934.

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Summer campaign "Come to the library"

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"My hometown"

With the longest and most successful implementation is the annual competition "My hometown". Its first edition was in 2000 and has since become a favorite and recognizable for the participants from the city and the region.

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Foyer of the book with an autograph

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Ролята на библиотекаря в дигиталната ера (чрез опита на Народна библиотека „Петко Р. Славейков“ - Велико Търново, в реализирането на проекти с европейско финансиране)

Статия на доц. д-р Калина Иванова в сп. Везни за проектната дейност на библиотеката 

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Luizina Savkova - Head of Regional Activities Department at the Ministry of Culture passed away

We are deeply saddened to announce that Luizina Savkova, Head of Regional Activities at the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Programmes and Regional Activities of the Ministry of Culture, has left us.

She is an incredible creative personality, a great professional, dedicated to her work, a cultural worker with outstanding services to Bulgarian literature and culture.

Ms Savkova joined the Ministry of Culture in 2004 and since then she has worked her way up the career ladder in the institution - through the expert positions to the Head of the Regional Activities Department in the Directorate for International Cooperation, European Programmes and Regional Activities.

Colleagues in the Ministry say that she filled each of the positions she held with her unique personality and always sought to add something extra to every situation, no matter how complex. Colleagues at the National Library of St. Cyril and Methodius", from the regional and municipal libraries in the country, from the Bulgarian Library and Information Association, from the community centers, as well as many other organizations, partnered with Mrs. Savkova on various cases and thanks to the good cooperation with her our common cause of promoting the Bulgarian book enjoyed many successes.

National Award "Hristo G. Danov Award for contribution to Bulgarian literary culture, the National Children's Book Festival organized by the Regional Library "Sava Dobroplodni", the programs "The Return of the Book" and "Bulgarian Libraries - Contemporary Centers for Reading and Awareness" - these are only a very small part of the important initiatives for the Ministry of Culture, in which Luizina put all her heart and soul.

The Minister of Culture Nayden Todorov and the team of the Ministry of Culture express their sincere condolences to the family and friends of Mrs. Luizina Savkova! Her friendship, responsiveness and collegiality will not be forgotten, because she "wrote" the novel of her life with great wisdom and dignity.
A deep bow!

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